Virtual Data Room Pricing – What You Need to Know

As M&A deals continue to get longer and more due diligence is required of the target companies, the requirement for a virtual data room is more essential than ever. Dealmakers find that their initial quote for the use of a virtual data room typically doesn’t match the final invoice. In certain cases, the per-page per-user charge quoted can be several times (and sometimes 10x) higher than the amount they originally anticipated. This discrepancy is primarily due to complex pricing models, as well as extra features and services that aren’t required to complete the project.

Pricing models for virtual data rooms can vary widely, from fees based on pages used to monthly fees based on storage capacity. It’s important to know the precise extent of your project prior to choosing a VDR. The amount of projects and users, as well as the length of the project could influence the price of the virtual dataroom.

Take into consideration your company’s needs and the benefits of different products available on the market to make the right selection. For instance, if you require integrations with your existing systems to streamline workflows or if a 24/7 technical support is a must for your team, this will add to the overall cost of the solution.

A subscription plan can be an option for businesses with different requirements or who are unable to anticipate their future storage requirements. This pricing model offers the storage capacity of a fixed amount and unlimited users, in addition to a flexible set-up period that can be tailored to the needs of your business.

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