Securely Exchange Important and Sensitive Documents

Many industries require secure transfer of sensitive and important documents to improve customer service, increase productivity and safeguard confidential information from cyber threats. Some examples of this include healthcare, financial services and law enforcement.

Email is a simple and efficient method of communication, but it’s not the most secure. Documents sent via email are susceptible to hacker attacks and spammers who may be able to intercept messages. This is the reason it’s essential to use an encryption-secure document exchange platform that employs encryption and protocols to protect information from being accessible by unauthorised parties.

It’s more secure and safer secure to use an online fax platform for confidential documents than email. It allows you to send documents without the need for a traditional fax machine or a landline. Furthermore, it can be used anywhere you have an internet connection. Additionally, many fax platforms provide features like redaction and digital signatures, making it easy for teams to create and sign documents together.

When you are storing documents on paper, don’t leave them on the desk for anyone else to grab. Also, don’t put them in a printer shared. You should also have a clear desk policy in place and regularly shred old documents to prevent them from falling into wrong hands. When it comes to online storage, ensure that any information you upload to a repository is secure and requires multi-factor authentication for access. You should be able to track the date and time when documents were used. This is important in the case of a data security breach.

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