IPO Preparation Checklist

The old adage, attributed to Benjamin Franklin states, «By not being prepared, you are planning to fail.» When a number of private companies begin the IPO process, this is a critical moment that requires careful planning and preparation to ensure success.

Controlling this complex and controlled process can be overwhelming and time-consuming for any team. The IPO process involves multiple partners such as investors, underwriters and investment banks. It is important to present an equity story that clearly will meet market expectations, and gives potential investors the chance to be aligned with the growth trajectory of your business.

An IPO readiness assessment is among the first steps in preparing for an IPO. It takes into consideration what a company’s image will look like once it is listed. This helps teams identify gaps that need to be addressed well in advance of the IPO timeline. The majority of venture-backed companies don’t have financial statements that meet the standards of public company compliance. A IPO readiness test will reveal this issue, and help the legal and finance teams rectify this issue prior to when the IPO process begins.

After the initial preparation work is done and you’re ready to start getting ready for regular regulatory disclosure reporting. This involves obtaining access to the Securities and Exchange Commission’s (SEC) EDGAR filing system. It is crucial to establish an IPO-wide team IPO to collaborate with your outside law firm on drafting EDGAR and iXBRL examples of documents. This will include a person who will be responsible for uploading exhibit files to the SEC and co-ordinating with your https://designdataroom.com/it-due-diligence-checklist-for-further-developing-processes/ financial printer/SEC filer.

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