How to Plan Your Board Meeting Preparation

Preparing for a meeting of the board can be a stressful job as you have to manage multiple stakeholders and follow deadlines. But, by adhering to a pre-defined structure and utilising the most effective tools, it’s possible to minimise the stress and improve the experience of all those involved.

Set the agenda for your board meeting to maximise the amount of discussion and decision making time you have available. Each item on the agenda should have an allotted time frame and a clear objective of either educating or seeking information or making an answer. If the discussion gets off-topic, make sure you gently redirect the conversation back to agenda topic. Make sure someone is recording notes so that the most important decisions and outcomes are recorded.

Make sure that all attendees are aware of the meeting date, time, and location. This can be done with a board portal which can automate the process of distribution of these materials.

The meeting should begin with an introduction to everyone in attendance, including any special guests or visitors. Then, roll call to determine if there’s an adequate quorum to allow the meeting to proceed. Review any unresolved issues from the previous meeting, and then approve the minutes.

You can use the remaining time to discuss any new business or other topics that require discussion prior to the meeting’s end. This is also a great time to take down any public meeting notices and replace them with the next meeting date along with the time and location.

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