How to Have a Great Board Meeting

The how, when and the location of your board meetings can have a significant impact on the quality of your meetings. It’s crucial to consider that board members are volunteers and are also juggling other obligations including full-time work and family responsibilities. The first step is to find a date and time that is suitable for the majority of your board. You can use a tool such as Doodle to ask your board members which times work best for them. Be sure to factor in holidays and other events that could affect availability.

Also, make sure that the meeting space is comfortable and accessible to every member of your Board. The space should be large enough to accommodate your entire Board, and you will need enough space for everyone to move around in a comfortable manner and also provide adequate seating for those attending the meeting via remote. It is also important to test the audiovisual equipment to make sure that it will be working smoothly for your board members.

After the meeting has been scheduled, it is important to create an agenda for the board members. Including a preliminary draft will ensure that all the information you need to cover is included, and will help to avoid any confusion during the meeting.

The majority of your board meeting will be devoted to deciding on strategies and analyzing future plans for your business. It will be a time to discuss milestones, major successes, as well as any areas where the organization is lacking. Set clear goals for your organization and work together on how to attain them with the help of your board.

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