Board Reporting Software

Board reporting software is a great tool for communication and collaboration, making it possible to perform various management tasks. Some of its features include agendas, discussion tools, e-signature capabilities document annotation and review, central archives, video conference capabilities and more. These functions help board members and executive leaders reduce time, enhance decision-making processes and ensure compliance with rules of governance.

Planning and preparation are key in preparing a compelling report for your board. To add value to your discussion at the boardroom table the information you provide must be succinct, relevant and memorable. The format and images you choose should be effective however they should not be overwhelming. If you use too many complicated images, they can make the reader feel overwhelmed, whereas plain text might be difficult to read and understand.

It is crucial to choose the right board meeting reporting tool for your needs. Certain tools are designed to facilitate various tasks related to meetings such as file-sharing services or virtual meeting platforms. Certain tools are specifically designed for board meetings. These include agendas, meeting management software or board portals.

Abacum is an online tool for reporting on board that helps you streamline the process of preparing and distributing your board reports. The dashboard and report templates can be adapted to meet the specific requirements of your business. Its extensive activity and login reports provide an important insight into the engagement of members, and ensure that your board is well informed. This tool is particularly beneficial for businesses that have to regularly report on operations, financial or worker metrics.

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