Board Management Software for Non-Profit Organisations

Board Management Software is a digital tool specifically designed for directors’ boards and their administrative support staff to handle meeting-related tasks like planning meetings, creating agendas and board-packs, disseminating and editing documents, recording minutes of meetings, and tracking and managing versions of documents. These solutions are fully cloud-based and allow users to access their data from any device connected to an internet connection. They also allow for the creation of a digital meeting space where members can collaborate, communicate and share information on board-related material prior to and after meetings.

Efficiency is a must for non-profits with limited resources and time. In the boardroom, finding efficiencies can significantly reduce the amount of administrative work and improve the quality of decision-making. Board management software is a great tool for nonprofits to use because of its capacity to create a paper-free and efficient boardroom that is accessible from any device connected to an internet connection.

If you are considering implementing a board portal software, it is recommended to conduct an exhaustive needs analysis of the entire board cycle. You can decide what solution is appropriate for your organization by identifying your issues. It is also essential to get all stakeholders involved of the board, including the chair, board members, and administrators. The people who are the most familiar with the current process should be part of the evaluation process so they can make an informed decision regarding the best option for them.

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